A Series of Images Seen

(with a cast Portland cement and marble seat by Kah Bee Chow), 2014

The video installation A Series of Images Seen examines questions about vision, perception and methods of reproducing images. In this exhibition, the gallery space loses one function as a space of display and receives another: operating as part of a projector, machine component or illuminating device - the image is instead projected outside of the gallery. The space is now instead of a place where something is shown, a room that also acts itself.
圈(Circle) series: During november - december a series of exhibitions and events were presented at Cigarrvägen 13 by artists Lena Bergendahl, Max Ockborn, Kah Bee Chow and Jiajia Zhang. Elements from the different exhibitions circulated and traveled through the series.

Still image from video

Installation views: A Series of Images Seen, Cigarrvägen 13, Stockholm, 2014 


Lena Bergendahl ©