Digital Mutants

Video installation: 4k video, aluminium,
colored acrylic glass, 2019

Digital Mutants is a video installation that utilises the entire gallery space and explores how we can think about sight, how we perceive so-called reality, how both photography and the camera have connections to the sea and how dreaming while sleeping may have come to exist. A hanging sculpture of colored plexiglass in the center of the gallery shows how a digital image sensor in our modern cameras perceives and reads color and image, and negotiates what we see on our screens. It is as if we are offered the opportunity to get to know the camera's inner movements very closely.
In physical contrast to the colored glass we are smaller than an ant. In physical contrast to the video essay we are at the same wavelength, but standing behind the wall of colored glass we consider the essay from an unusual perspective. In the video essay one can read the line ”To eat light". It makes one think of things long forgotten but that have been here for a very long time, images that vibrate and bulge - and the desire to be one with the image.

Text: Max Ockborn

Installation views: Digital Mutants, Celsius Projects, Malmö, 2019

Still images from video


Lena Bergendahl ©